• A house with future

    A house with future

    Wall cladding stone is one of the easiest to use and one of the most attractive design options for the exterior appearance of the building. With its help, we can give the facade the look of the Mediterranean hacienda, a modern condominium or a rustic hut for a weekend getaway. Specific features of this product …

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  • Decorative stone

    Decorative stone

    Solution for everybody? The selection of decorative stone, due to the multitude of design alternatives, can be a real headache. The function provided by this type of facing is mainly seen in such details as powerful surface structure, definite colours and faithful reproduction of imitated material. By deciding to invite the stone into our house, …

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  • Grey, silver, graphite, anthracite…

    Grey, silver, graphite, anthracite…

    Fashionable stone grays and their favorite company Tones of gray are real rage in modern design. Seemingly these are very monotonous colours, but the grayscale range is a rich palette of shades: from dusty white through pigeon violet, smoky steel, to anthracite shading into black. Gray tones, thanks to their neutrality, relax our senses. They …

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  • Interior with character

    Interior with character

    Modern houses interiors are more and more often finished with large, single-colour surfaces. The intention is to create an impression of an optical enlargement of a room or, on the contrary, to close it within a single coherent convention. Such minimalism is a real challenge for the designer, because this style – like no other …

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  • Magic of decorative stone

    Magic of decorative stone

    Struggling with choices about how to equip our apartment, we wonder which style will be closest to our liking. The number of ready-made solutions can give you a headache, but only few of them correspond to our inner sense of aesthetics. In addition, in the age of highly personalized approach to the management of space …

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  • Unique, expressive, practical

    Unique, expressive, practical

    Selection of decorative stone Stone as a material has been accompanying man for millennia. Initially used only as a building block, it rose to the rank of decorative materials when its noble, extremely rare varieties were discovered. As you can easily guess, only few could afford the luxury of having it for themselves. Today, thanks …

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  • Assembly of decorative stone

    Assembly of decorative stone

    Complementary Stone Master decorative stone system DECORATION STONE ASSEMBLY GUIDE Preparation Treat clean, dry and level surface with a primer. For gypsum surfaces, use a double coat of the primer. Level the wall by installing a straight strip at its bottom. The ambient temperature during installation should be between 5 ° C and 25 ° …

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  • The austere charm of lofts

    The austere charm of lofts

    A few words on industrial ambiance and image Lofts – apartments in former factories (or new, stylized to look like the old), are becoming well rooted in the structures of large cities.Sometimes their ambiance is deliberately transferred to newly built properties. What are the typical features of lofts? Loft is usually recognizable “at a first …

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  • What to remember when buying stone?

    What to remember when buying stone?

    Production technology Decorative stone is produced in Stone Master factory with the use of two different technologies – concrete and gypsum. Such division varies the products not only in terms of appearance, but primarily in terms of using the collection in destination and its further processing. Therefore, to make it easier to differentiate collections made …

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