Specifics of operation

Stone Master is the leading manufacturer of decorative stone on the Polish market, successfully expanding its operation also on the European and World market. The company offers wide selection of decorative stone collections in a variety of design and colour variants. For years, it has been successfully cooperating with the largest Do-It-Yourself networks, thus creating a strong and recognizable brand in the market. Over 20 years of experience in the industry has resulted in a constantly expanding distribution network – for instance, through strategic partners and sales representatives, thanks to whom Stone Master products reached such a wide audience.


The noble character of stone, its appearance, the multitude of forms and colours allows You to spread your wings of creation. Stone as a decorative element will never go out of fashion, its features perfectly fit into modern thinking about creating space that is close to man. The stone used in the interior harmonizes with the need for closeness to nature. It does not impose any specific style, looks perfectly in combination with classic elegance, but also modern minimalism.


Decorative stone is a strong point in interior design, its powerful structure and often vibrant colours immediately attracts our eyes. Whether an imitation of North American rock, all sorts of bricks or stones naturally occurring in our climate – the product is immediately noticeable. At the same time the product contradicts the idea of competitiveness – as it fits perfectly with other types of wall cladding. A strip of stone placed behind the TV or in a fragment of lobby combines perfectly with paint, roughcast, or even ceramic tiles.


In addition, stone can take a variety of forms – it is particularly important when we would decorate our house according to a specific interior style. Amateurs of big lofts, country cottages or postindustrial climates can finally create their favorite atmosphere in their apartments. Stone can perfectly imitate the appearance of brick, pebbles or naturally crushed fragments of rocks, making it very easy to give your interiors a unique character, associated with a particular remembrance.

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