A house with future

Wall cladding stone is one of the easiest to use and one of the most attractive design options for the exterior appearance of the building. With its help, we can give the facade the look of the Mediterranean hacienda, a modern condominium or a rustic hut for a weekend getaway. Specific features of this product and its design characteristics diametrically change the appearance of our home.

Avignon sahara by Stone Master

One of the main advantages of wall cladding stone is its structure. Unlike other façade facings, stone surface is greatly varied, which gives it a third dimension. This advantage is used whenever we wish to break the smooth, monocolor façade with a strong accent. Most often such designs use stone only on one of the walls or in the vicinity of a window or a vestibule. Strong structures imitating roughhewn rocks, contrasting in color with the underlying base, should be chosen.

The next advantage of stone results from the above; wise matching the product to the nature of the place brings both the stone and the contrasted products to the foreground. The façade stone is perfectly complemented both by a plain substrate, decorative plaster or facade ceramics. Properly selected proportions and a design corresponding to the personality of the residents is the key to success here.

Almeria by Stone Master

Modern house designs are often crazy visions of designers drawing their inspiration straight from severe geometry with a characteristic minimalist finish. Concrete in combination with steel and glass – and often with natural materials such as wood or canvas, creates space for people with strictly defined preferences. Here – as opposed to the projects described above – the preferred material is color coordinated stone, blending with the regular, rectangular form, emphasizing the geometry of the whole.

The opposite of modern designs are houses heavily stylized to look like traditional constructions. Examples are walls lined with stones imitating bricks or pebbles. The main idea is to establish definitely the character of a place, strongly associated with a specific geographic region. In the era of modern design, this trend can be seen as a desire to return to the roots, which in particular is preferred by people in the autumn of their life.

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